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Not ill, but feeling unwell

Clean formula

9x easier absorption

Effect on mental health

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Developed in The Netherlands
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Why sprays?

Up to 9 times easier absorption

Pills and gummies have < 10% absorption. Sprays bypass the digestive system, entering your bloodstream directly.

Cleanest formula out there

Our sprays do not contain binders, fillers, anti-caking, alcohol, sweeteners and other nasties.

Patented ingredients

Our extensive R&D guarantees for high quality, highly bioavailable and active ingredients only.


No water or food intake needed. No more side effects from swallowing pills.

"Recommended these miracle sprays to all my friends" - Kinh Thi

I've been using it for about two weeks now and already notice a boost in my energy levels. I feel like this positive effect is also reflected in both my energy levels and my skin. I highly recommend giving it a try and experiencing the positive effects of the product for yourself.


Finally a supplement how it’s meant, only for your health. No extra add ons, just the vitamins you really need.


Its been a long time since I have been this enthusiastic about a product! Apart from the fact that the packaging, customer service and whole aesthetic of the brand is fantastic, the supplements really seem to work. I have been using them for a little more than a month, but I already started noticing the effects within 2 weeks!


No more 100 pots of pills; just three sprays in the morning and evening. And I can feel that my energy levels are up already! Thanks for releasing this product :)


The whole experience of ordering, delivery and using the product has been great. The packaging looks very clean, high quality. Also for someone who’s not good at swallowing pills, these sprays are an absolute ingenious solution.

Romy V


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No Sweeteners

Soy Free

Palm-Oil Free

Gluten Free

Lactose Free

Nuts Free

Sugar Free