Prevention before intervention

I believe the future of health is in prevention before intervention. By enabling people to have control over their physical as well as their mental wellbeing by making healthy choices for themselves and the people they love.

As a Western medical doctor I was taught to prescribe medication, and focus on intervention instead of asking about the root cause of WHY symptoms occurred in my patients. Whilst doing research in molecular genetics and bioengineering at Harvard and the AMC, and focussing even more on pharmaceutical interventions I know something had to change. I wanted to be able to guide my patients towards health, not just away from disease. And I realised true health is more than just the absence of disease; health is based on the interaction of the mind, body, and spirit within the context of our environment.

Something had to change

I realised a more integrative approach was needed to move the healthcare system forward. So I studied integrative medicine and became an integrative medicine specialist with my own successful women’s health practice since 2018, helping hundreds of women (and eventually men as well) in their journey towards optimal health and healing. I developed The Core Method which is a 3 month health journey which incorporates western medicine (bloodwork analysis, health check) as well as evidence based complementary medicine (supplements and mind-body approaches).

To further this mission I embarked on various education and inspirational initiatives as well as being a keynote speaker at various Health events around the world on the future of healthcare and eventually started The Conscious Doctor Collective, aimed at cultivating a network of the next generation of medical doctors and healthcare providers committed to integrative medicine.

I founded THE CORE WE CARE, a platform designed to offer people access to the personalized approach that defines my practice as well as high quality supplements.
Here, individuals can benefit from superior supplements and customized lifestyle plans that address their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

It's a comprehensive approach because sustaining health isn't just about taking supplements; it's a holistic way of life.