Turning empathy into your superpower: 7 tips

Turning empathy into your superpower: 7 tips

The intuitive empath checklist.

Ever wonder if you’re an intuitive empath?

Judith Orloff, MD, psychiatrist and author of “The Empath’s Guide to Survival: Life Strategies for Sensitive People” created a 20-point self-assessment checklist for intuitive empaths, here are some of the questions for you.

  • Have I been labeled as overly sensitive or too shy throughout my life?
  • Do I often feel like I don’t fit in?
  • Do crowds drain me? Do I need a lot of alone time to revive myself?
  • Do noises, smells, or excessive talking overwhelm me?
  • Do I prefer taking my own car places, so I have the option to leave?
  • Do I tend to socially isolate when feeling you absorbed other’s energies?
  • Do I pick up intuitions about people and know things without them telling me?
  • If you’ve answered mostly ‘yes’ to these above questions, it is likely you are an intuitive empath. 

If your answers lean toward 'yes,' congratulations, you might just be an intuitive empath. Now, let's explore how you can transform this trait into your superpower.

Turning empathy into strength.

Think of yourself as an emotional sponge, absorbing the energy around you without the usual filters that others possess. However, it's crucial for empaths to recognize that it's not their duty to absorb it all.

7 tips to harness your empathic superpower.

Ground yourself, spend at least 10 minutes a day barefoot in the grass, hold a tree, connect to the Earth.
Rinse off the day's energies with a relaxing magnesium or Epsom salt bath or shower.
Symbolically cleanse yourself by rinsing your wrists under running water.
Take breaks to breathe and come back to your own energy.
Be careful who you spend time with, ‘no’ is a perfectly fine answer.
Shield yourself; envision a disco ball around you mirroring back other people’s energies.
Meditate to come home to yourself, try heart or root chakra meditations.

A Daily Commitment.

The world needs more empaths, and it's our responsibility to continuously replenish ourselves. Make it a daily practice to go back to the well and nurture your empathic abilities. Right there with you.