I quit drinking for 5 months, here’s what I’ve learned

I quit drinking for 5 months, here’s what I’ve learned

My best friend Rose and I would joke that our best friends are Char & Donnay, competing for first place with Ben & Jerry. 

For a while, my weekends and occasional weeknights were accompanied by a couple of glasses of wine. It was nothing heavy, just a social habit. However, in 2018, after returning from India, I decided to quit drinking for a year. That choice transformed my life, and recently, I felt that same inner call to step away from alcohol once again.

This time, the motivation was clear — I wanted to feel clear-headed, focused, and fully experience whatever emotions surfaced without the numbing effect of alcohol. Plus, waking up feeling great the next morning was definitely a bonus.

Anticipating opinions from those around me, I braced myself for the typical 'so not fun' or 'when did you get so boring?' Instead, I was met with words of respect and understanding. Many shared that they too had considered making the same choice.

Here are three tips that helped me on my journey:

3 tips that helped me to quit drinking.

1. Embrace freedom of choice

I don't declare never to drink again. Without dependency, I grant myself the freedom to choose. If I want a glass of wine next week, I'll have it. Removing the 'never again' pressure allows my system the freedom it needs.

2. Simple responses at social gatherings

When faced with questions about not drinking, I keep it straightforward. "I am not drinking, thank you," is my go-to response. If pressed for a reason, I explain that I'm simply not feeling it, and if I choose to drink again, I will. End of discussion.

3. Explore alternatives

Find alternatives. I found having a tonic water instead of a gin & tonic is barely any difference. Explore the mocktail menu or ask the bartender to make you something nice. You’ll be surprised! 

Five mocktails I enjoy.

Sapinca Organic Root Elixir - 50CL kopen? | Gall & Gall
Sapinca Root Elixir. An amazing tonic with adaptogens to either ground you or give you energy. Mix with sparkling water.
Kombucha, any really. Can’t live without.
           Seedlip Garden 108 - Alternatief voor Gin kopen? ▷ Alcoholvrijshop.nl 
Seedlip or Botaniets non-alcoholic Gin. Great alternative to your Hendricks.
French Bloom Rose or Champagne. Winner of Worlds’ Best Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Award 2022.
           Kin Euphorics: Non-Alcoholic Alternative Drinks & Spirits
Kin Euphorics, botanical elixirs by the Hadid’s.