4 x mental health books to untangle your mind in hard times

4 x mental health books to untangle your mind in hard times

With the arrival of Winter, and everything going on in the world, self-care is a necessity, not a luxury.

Ultimately what’s going on outside of us is what is going on inside of us. The reality we live is the world we see. And the only way out of this mess is to become even more aware. Of the light AND the dark in ourselves, because all change starts with us and that ‘work’ is, at least, within our control.

Here are some books to start off with when working on our mental health. I believe in the classics (which we’ll share later) and the more popular books. See below which books in mental health are great reads.

4 books.

How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal, Nicole Lepera |  9780063076815 | Boeken | bol.com
How To Do The Work by Nicole LePera 

Nicole LePera, a.k.a the Holistic Psychologist wrote a book called How To Do The Work? A great start off point if you’re looking at yes; ‘doing the work’. Getting familiar with family patterns, past trauma and understanding your nervous system, and how to regulate it. Pretty much the basics, explained in a very down-to-earth and accessible way. Also with great acknowledgement for the mind-body entity (which is often overlooked in psychology). A must read.
    Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by Julie Smith

Julie Smith is a Clinical Psychologist who grew big on TikTok for her therapy advice there. This book is, as they say, the Gen-Z's on-the-go guide which offers hands-on techniques and pro-tips to deal with anxiety, criticism, and boost self-confidence. Easy to read, practical and a good starting point on 'how to deal with your mind'.
     You Are a Badass : Sincero, Jen: Amazon.nl: Boeken
You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

I listened to this book a long time ago, and this woman is just hilarious. I was struggling with self-worth around my practice (was I good enough as a therapist, doctor, guide?) and I needed someone to just tell me I freaking rocked… well, and there Jen came in. Listen to it, do it for you. Let me know what you think! Actually, now that I write this, I might listen to it again…
      No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal  Family Systems Model : Schwartz, Richard C.: Amazon.nl: Boeken

No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz

OOFFF. The IFS model (Internal Family System)! A must read! Why? Because we consist of many ‘parts’, parts in ourselves we have created over a lifetime; the manager, the firefighter, the exile.. Often based on our childhood. A revolutionary approach compared to traditional psychological viewpoint of ‘1 person’. It allows us to become aware of all our parts, even parts that exhibit addiction, or deemed ‘not good’. The secret? Recognizing that no parts are "bad," and that by embracing self-love, we can unlock harmony, growth, and a brighter tomorrow.